The idea for the mileage log dates back to one of the earlier HSTA/MSTA (Sport Touring Association)forums which included a page for users to record their riding mileage. This came to be a daily stop for me. When I started using a motorcycle as my primary transportation in 2005 I set a goal of riding more miles each year and the mileage log was a convenient way to keep track of my mileage. I also enjoyed checking to see how I compared with other riders in the club.

When the MSTA mileage log was discontinued I decided to develop one of my own. This version is intended to include all riders of all types as well as all clubs and groups. If we can get a wide variety of rider styles and clubs to participate I think it will be entertaining to see how we all compare.

The mileage log display allows for selecting specific categories and/or groups or the entire roster. This feature will only be useful once a significant number of riders are registered. Mileage colums include lifetime mileage, current year to date and previuos years mileage. I have inluded previous years mileage for reference because one of my riding goals is to ride more miles each year.

This is an ongoing project and although tested extensively there will surely be some bugs. These will be promptly addressed and bug reports, suggestions and comments will be appreciated. More too come soon including a help page.